About Tracy Gibson

I started out studying a Bachelor of Communications but was quickly drawn away from the corporate arena by my love of the outdoors. Since then I have been leading Outdoor Education and Kayaking programs in Australia and around the world. Even though I grew up on horseback and hiking around a rural property it was my love of the water and all things adventure that lead me to pursuing a professional career as a Kayaking Instructor. I have found over the years it is an amazing way to explore the planet. It’s the sense of freedom that kayaking provides and the endless variety in what you will experience in a day on the water that is so exciting, challenging and rewarding. It has a way of changing the way you look at the world, engage with people and appreciate what our environment has to offer us as a teacher. Combining my love of the surf with kayaking I have also represented Australia at the Surf Kayak World Championships in 2007, 2009 and 2013 where I took out the title of Women’s HP World Champion.

I started making videos and writing Blogs about my travels just as a way to record the journey. It is the best way I found to savour the moments and photos, remember the people and places and to reminisce later to inspire my next experience. Whilst I still love to guide trips and coach, I am also combining my love of writing and adventure into a new direction with local Tourism to continue to promote our wonderful natural environment.

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