Female based Tourism and its social benefits

It’s a beautiful day and we are excited to get out there!

As the group arrives the intros start, and banter is quick to follow. 

This all ladies adventure has a different vibe. It feels supportive and inclusive from the start. We are all liked minded women here for the same reason …. to hang out as girlfriends for the day, laugh, be active, find familiarity and be inspired by new perspectives. 

We just do not make enough time for this anymore!

“My people” – Love spending time with my girlfriends on outdoor adventures. We learn so much from each other!

As an outdoor recreation instructor for over 18 years I had the opportunity to develop and conduct many programs geared specifically toward women. In the process I met hundreds who are amazing! I have been mentored by some, admired many others and came to understand myself better along the way.

Women learn differently, we explore our boundaries differently and we share with one another differently when we are supported in a space of our own.  This to me is the essence of why female based tourism has increased so much in popularity, particularly in the outdoor adventure space. I chatted recently to Monique Farmer, the founder of female based adventure company Women Want Adventure and while the last 10 months have been devastating, she reflected on the growth of her business since starting only a few years ago. She began with 20 day trips, which has now turned into over 150 weekend and week long adventures around Australia and (previous to this year) internationally as well. Facebook followers also jumped from a few hundred in the first year to now over 18K!

KV Kayaking -WWA
Kayaking Kangaroo Valley – Hampden Bridge

Advances in technology are supposed to be increasing connectivity and while there has been that ability to create an online experience, in the current climate, many of us are still feeling isolated in our day to day lives. Stresses of work, bills, kids and managing a household take a toll. Now more than ever women are looking for a sense of community. Tourism based activities that create a positive and supportive environment are finding an audience craving a safe place to try something new, a space to feel connected, empowered and inspired. We forget the importance these qualities have in our everyday. Taking time to nurture them is one thing but having a venue or activity provided for you to find “your people” is vital.

Feeling the good “feels”

The flow on effect into our relationships, inner dialogue and the environment we surround our self with is so valuable. It helps us to adapt to life’s ups and downs in a much more positive and healthy way. Society needs strong women who seek to know and love themselves, stand by what they believe in and respect each other.

Working with Visitor Services now I have continued to meet the most inspiring women in business. Resilience, courage, and the ability to support one another has shone through in our region during recent fires, floods and now COVID and will continue to inspire me to nurture that powerful and important sense of community.

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